Monday, January 21, 2013

Music Monday: Lil' Linn and the Lookout Boys

I stumbled onto Lil' Linn & the Lookout Boys by chance as I was cruising through Youtube for some new music.  I was smitten immediately with the mixture of western swing, good ol' rockabilly and a dash of country boogie.  Fronted by Linnea Carler, her voice is a current rendition of Rose Maddox and sounds as sweet as apple pie.  Plus, she's quite a looker in her vintage western wear.

The group hails all the way from...well, I don't really know, but I don't think from the US.  After finding them on Youtube, I haven't been able to find out much more on them.  I believe their heyday was back in 2008, so I'm sure you may (or may not) have heard them before, but they are new to me.  So, I would personally onsider this new music.  So, despite I don't know too much about Lil' Linn and the Lookout Boys, just sit back, close your eyes and imagine yourself on the back of a horse riding down a dusty trail, listening to this sweetheart crooning a little ditty next to ya.

Lil' Linn & the Lookout Boys - "My Heart Gets Lonely"

Until next time, lovelies!
Miss Hell


Sonic Des said...

Great post Miss Hell :)

I Too stumbled across Lil' Linn and the lookout boys a year or so ago, I was looking for some new material to put on a internet radio show I was doing (Not Now) I was looking for some honky tonk, western swing, country boogie ect... for a part on my show and WoW when I heard this group I featured them often in my show, I also tried to find out more about this group at the time but to no avail? if you do managed to find out something about this group I would be appreciated if you could post it on your blogger post, thank you and kind regards, Des

Tommy said...

Swedish band :)

Sivletto Enviken said...

Howdy! Im Angelo The dummer from the band. We are from Sweden & this band was put together as a hobbyband with a bunch of good friends. Everybody but Linnea was/are playin in different rockin 50s bands.Tobias the bassplayer (on the pic) play in quiet famous rockin blues band called the Domestic Bumble Bees (a bit modern sound nowadays. Unfortunately this are the only release we put together & we quit the band 2012. But we had the luck to play on Rhythm Riot in UK & also at Hi Rockabilly in Spain as you will find some live recordings on youtube. There is some stuff on youtube with Linn guest starring with wellfamed R&B-band Ray Collins Hot Club from Germany also. Great to hear that somebody still remember/likes us haha...Cheers!

Sivletto Enviken said...

Note; The only release was the long gone soldout cd:Sharpshooting gal cd on Enviken Records from Sweden.