Sunday, January 20, 2013

Etiquette 101: "Facebook Manners"

Facebook manners have a very thin line between what is okay and clearly what isn't.  And for some people, it's hard to determine which is which.  But if your parents taught you right from wrong, then it shouldn't be hard to determine.  I am going to just go down my list of Facebook pet peeves and what I personally consider acceptable.

For starters...NO DRAMA!!  I'm serious.  No drama.  If you're having problems with your significant other, parents, friends, whomever, please leave it at the Internet door.  Yes, you do attract attention, but of the negative kind.  That of people who thrive on reading about other people's drama to make themselves feel better.  Plus, it's not pretty to see fighting, especially online.  It only makes you look pathetic.  So, don't start drama. Don't feed into drama. Don't be associated with drama. Ever. Especially on Facebook.

While we're at it, don't talk about how wasted you are or what kind of drugs you're on.  Drugs are for losers.  And don't back pedal on what you say.  It's already out there for everyone to see, including the person you are talking about.  I have been subject to this before.  Someone talks about me online, I say nothing until I see them in public and ask about it and they back petal, saying that they didn't say anything.  You talked smack, own up to it, especially if someone is gutsy enough to confront you about it.  And don't put your relationship status change on blast, no one truly cares, except those that you've probably already spoken with about it.

On the flip side of that, don't talk about how your life is perfect.  Even if you think it is perfect, always remember that no one is perfect.  Everyone has problems, but to gloat about being perfect makes you seem very fake.  And that you're hiding the fact that you're probably worst off than everyone else.  And also pathetic.

Photos.  Don't get me started on the skanky photos we all see posted on the Internet.  There is also a thin line between tasteful and down right slutty.  Slutty makes you a piece of meat and a subject to scrutiny.  And don't forget that those photos will always be out there for people to see, even if you try to delete them.  I'm sure there is a photo of booty (barely clothed) still out there somewhere.  And I hate knowing that it is.  What in the world was I thinking!?  Anywho, back to your photos.  Tasteful pin up photos are nice to see, but couch humping with your disposable camera is not.  Along with photos of you flipping off the camera, duck lips (I have a few of these also : /), drunk photos, motor boating photos, etc.  I'm sure you get the picture.  Pun intended.

Watch what you say.  I swear.  I do.  More than I would like to admit.  But reading posts loaded with swear words is just...uhg.  So much for being a lady.  Along with swearing, mind your Ps & Qs when it comes proper grammar and English.  When I'm on my phone or tablet, I type like a crazy woman trying to get out what I need to say and to have Swype hinder that for me, drives me even more crazy.  So, I'm not saying that I'm perfect and have perfect spelling (I still use spell check quite a bit), but know the basic difference between there, they're, and their.  And two, to, and too.  And understand the difference between then and than.

Lastly, don't send people a million and one requests to start playing your game.  Or to add their birthday to your calendar, Facebook already does the reminding for us.  Constant adds can be annoying and overwhelming.  So, remember that not everyone wants to play your game.

Now than then, with that being said, please do the following:
* Express your feelings of fondness for your significant other.
* Keep your personal life to a minimal,
* Post cute photos of your baby, puppy, or kitty.
* Post about the vacation you just got home from.  Along with photos!
* Make nice comments on others' posts and photos.

I really liked this article on proper Facebook etiquette.  Read it when you get a moment.

*You can find part one here.

Until next time, lovelies!
Miss Hell


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Great post!! I know a FEW people who should read this!!