Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 New Years Resolutions

I had to really think about this one, because there is so much that I can think that is worth a "resolution" to.  And after digging deep into thought, I've managed to really come up with a few that I find worthy.  Here they are...

1. My #1 is to get to shows more.  I always say I'm going to go to a show and that I will see people there, but if truth be told, I don't.  ARG!!  I hate that I do that.  But I think this will be a great way to meet new people, to see great bands, take lots of photos, and learn about new music.  Anywho...shows!  But not just shows at venues, I want to go to concerts in the park during the summer, local car shows, the fair, etc.  I just want to get out and maybe relearn to love the city I live in again, since I'm driven to move away from it.

2. My business ventures.  I need to dive head first into my business ventures.  For starters, I really need to get the San Diego Vintage Flea Market read for 4 more times in 2013.  That's quarterly and as I said when I started doing this, I want to get it big enough to have a full weekend at the Scottish Rite Center here in San Diego at the end of next year.  Also, I want to get more involved with Hell on Heels Burlesque troupe.  I recently became involved on the business side with the Hell on Heels girls as a dear friend of mine runs the troupe and I thought with my business savvy mind, I could be of some help.  And she agreed!

3. Travel.  Derek and I had a conversation about this last night.  This upcoming year we've opted to sit Viva Las Vegas and the Lonestar Round Up out, because we're moving into a townhouse that same month.  So, we needed to redirect our focus to the move and getting some necessities, especially since we're moving into a place without a roommate and we're going to need to cover that extra rent.  However, the following year, we hope to make it to both including a trip out to Bonneville.  But I would like to go back to Chicago next fall and see some friends.  And maybe a trip to Austin or Portland to check things out.  I just want to travel and see some new scenry.

4. Focus on my health.  The end of 2012 has brought me some surprises, healthwise.  I've managed to let myself go out of comfort and I need to get back into the swing of things.  This might mean taking up some dancing or going hiking again.  And I really want to do kayaking this summer in the bay. But either way, I need to get back in touch with getting myself healthy and I need to start eating better again (coming soon, lots of new recipes).  This including taking my lunch to work, eating a good breakfast in the mornings, and cooking at home.

Well, these are my main 4 resolutions that I am focusing on come 2013.  With a little willpower and direction, I should be able to accomplish it all.  What are your New Years resolutions?  Anything good?  Let me know, I'd love to hear them.

Until next time, lovelies!
Miss Hell