Monday, December 31, 2012

Music Monday: Roy Rapid & the Rhythm Rock Trio

So, I've kind of sat on doing a music Monday for these guys, because I haven't had a chance to really listen to their album until recently.  So, here you go!

Roy Rapid & the Rhythm Rock Trio have been around the San Diego rockabilly circuit for a few years now.  And definitely one of the better ones.  A few of the band members came together after the now-defunct Rumblers decided to permanently call it quits.  They took to the San Diego scene like a wildfire with a true rockabilly sound.  Before you knew it, they had quite a following and the girls screaming.  With the help of their manager, the guys managed to put themselves on the rockabilly map with annual gigs at Viva Las Vegas and different venues in Los Angeles, including a mini southwest tour every fall.

Recently, Derek and I were able to attend the album release party for Roy Rapid & the Rhythm Rock Trio at Tio Leo's for "One Last Chance" along with the San Diego album release for the Sidewynders.  They were great and definitely a band you shouldn't miss live, because they will keep you dancing all night long.

If you haven't already, you should check them out here.

Roy Rapid & the Rhythm Rock Trio - "Please Don't Go"

Until next time, lovelies!
Miss Hell