Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thrift scores and snow days.

I love going thrifting, especially when I find some really great deals.  Every store is very different on different days when it comes to it's sales.  But regardless though, the thrill of the hunt is what I enjoy the most.  But here are some finds that have come my way lately.

Two tone, craved, bakelite bangle. It's gorgeous!

Vintage embroidered table clothe.

I found this little gem at an antique store by my house.  I couldn't pass it up.  And I plan on serving green beans in it tomorrow for dinner for my family.
Vintage juice crafe.  I love the pattern on it and I can't wait to use it.

This was not a thrift find, it was a just-because-gift from my friend, Wendy, because Derek & I collect vintage ashtrays.  No, we don't smoke.

Matching midcentury modern candle stick holders.

Vintage pepper & pepper shakers.  I searched for the salt shakers high and low without avail.  I was so sad, but I still bought the pepper shakers.

We ventured out to the snow and here are some photos of the fun we had.  Enjoy!  I know we did, but was really cold.

Please excuse the ketchup on her chin. heh

The country girl in me fell in love with this barn on the side of the road.

Alex was drawing us a map on how to get home on the foggy window.  It worked!  We made it home.
Until next time, lovelies!