Wednesday, September 5, 2012

San Diego Vintage Flea Market

I can even begin to tell you just how excited I am that we are finally hosting the very first San Diego Vintage Flea Market.  I've been talking about it for quite some time now.  Almost a year!  But I just needed to do it.  So I did it.  I began planning the San Diego Vintage Flea Market.  It was all talk for about a month when we launched the Facebook page.  It was supposed to be held in the Riviera Supper Club parking lot and we waiting for for the go-ahead from Bryan, one of the owners since he just needed to talk to the owner of the building to make it official.  But he didn't do so.  We don't fault him, because we got a bigger place with ample parking and whom seemed really excited about having us.  It's going to be held at the Heartland Masonic Center in El Cajon, CA on Sunday, November 18th.  We're currently in the process of gathering our vendors, which we've had such a wonderful reception by everyone.  Which also makes us even more excited.  We've been stocking up our shop, which we've been very successful at.  Oh, and Derek's shop's name is "The Pod King".  Fitting.  Because of all his monkey pod and lust of anything tiki.  And mine, well mine is a little more reserved with Spit Shine Vintage and Vintage Inspired (please note, since writing this, the name has changed).  We'll definitely be selling, also.

So come on down and spend some money at some very amazing shops.  I don't think you'll be disappointed at all.  You will be quite surprised at the great bric-a-brac or clothing you might find.  We have allowed some crafty vendors, as long as they have a vintage feel to them.  So, don't be alarmed if they aren't 100% vintage.

I'm sure I'll be talking a lot more about this, so keep your eyes and ears out.  And like the San Diego Vintage Flea Market on Facebook here.

Until next time, lovelies!
Miss Hell