Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last Weekend's Shopping Spree

This past weekend was filled with multiple shopping sprees on Saturday and Sunday.  I couldn't believe the vintage that was out there that no one snatched up.  It was glorious.  Now that's a word I haven't used in a while.  Glorious.  I usually use it when I'm dead set on something being utterly effing fantastic.  Okay.  Okay.  Let's get back on track with my shopping spree from the weekend.  Surprisingly, I didn't spend as much as I probably would have.  It's all about knowing how to wheel and deal.  Bartering with people.  They want to get rid of it and you want it.  So, use your powers of persuasion and snatch it up already.

Newest additions to my jewelry stash.
I started the weekend by receiving a bonus at work.  Whoohoo!!  And I decided that I wanted to use a  tiny bit of it to do some shopping.  I deserved it.  So, after Derek headed off to work on Saturday, I got up and made my rounds.  Starting the morning at a few local thrift stores close by my house.  At the first one, I picked up an orange (see prvious post about my hatred for the color orange) hamper, dating around the mid-1960's.  Derek and I picked up a baby blue one in mint condition for next to nothing at an estate sale a few months ago.  It's a pair.  But I've been wanting a another one, since we're using ugly white laundry baskets that are taking up way too much room.  Plus, did I mention that they are ugly?  Well, they are ugly.  I also picked up a couple of new handbags and scarves.  I'm on a scarf-kick lately.  I'm tired of the same ol' bandana look.  It's beginning to look generic and I'm due for change.  So, clipons and scarves for me at the moment.  Watch out!  I'm living large.

Some of the loot from the weekend.

Moving on...I also picked up a metal money box for the upcoming San Diego Vintage Swap Meet (that Derek and I are hosting), it still had the key attached.  Now, if it only came with a wad of money inside, life would be grand.  But it didn't.  Que sera sera.  I suppose.  I also picked up quite a few vintage clipon earrings, as you may or may not have read, I can't wear earrings anymore since I stretched out my lobes way beyond repair.  I've oner indulged in clipons.  I'm beginning to become obsessed with them, inquiring almost 10 pairs over the weekend.  But that's because on Sunday, Derek and I gave ourselves an allotted amount of money and did a late morning at the swapmeet.  There, someone was selling vintage clipons, brotches, hat pins, necklaces, braclets all for a $1 each.  I believe I cleaned them out.  Mostly the ladies there were looking for what looked new and acceptable to todays standards.  I did the opposite. 

Sunday at the swap meet.

While at the swapmeet, we found another guy selling a set of 4 1950's latte cups with a pink juice crafe and 2 pink creamer containers made by the Hazel Atlas Glass Co.  Along with a 1960's starburst coffee crafe.  Derek found a Coco Joe's tiki keychain that he HAD to have.  I figured it was a buck, he deserved it.  I also picked up 2 vintage ashtrays.  Now, before you go assuming; no, neither one of us smoke.  I started collecting vintage ashtrays a little while ago, because they're sexy looking.  Yes, you read me right.  I said sexy looking.  And have you ever seen one?  If not, google vintage ashtrays online.  You'll agree.  We've resorted to using one that came broken in transit as a wine cork catcher.  The others are just laying around in different spots in the house collecting dust.  But I refuse to get rid of any of them.  They're too sexy to look at.  Sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy.

Well, the weekend was a great one for vintage shopping.  I hope you all found some good buys like I did.  And if you did, show them off.  I'd love to see them.

Until next time, lovelies.
Miss Hell