Monday, September 17, 2012

North County San Diego Tiki Crawl

This past weekend was the north county San Diego tiki crawl that Derek and I have been really looking forward to since it was first announced.  We boarded the tiki school bus around 12:30p, unloaded the fruity drinks and jello shots and made a day out of it.  First stop was at Jason Lee (of Jason Lee & the RIP Tides fame) and his lovely wife, Michele's home.  He smoked a pig and fed over 50 people.  And it was delicious!

Tiki Bus

Sir Grave-E of the Creepy Creeps

L-R is Marion, Brad, Tracey, and 1/2 of Luis. In the back row is Grave-E & Big Dee.

Jason & Michele's living room.

Tiki Room

More of the tiki room.
Marion & Big Dee
The host, Jason Lee.
Next stop was at our friends Scott (Scootiki) and Mary's house.  I enjoyed seeing their home and we got to wade our feet in the pool, which was a nice was to cool off in the 100+ weather we've been having.

Scootiki's bar.
The awesome a-frame ceiling.
Lastly, was Monkeyman and his wife, Roxanne's home.  Their tiki bar was a gem.  And the beach-style pool was nice to walk around in.  Plus, Ran from the Sand Devils jumped behind the bar and made quite a tummy grapefruit drink with mint.  I had a few too many.  But the highlight of evening was an impromptu show by Creepxotica.  What a great tiki-filled day we had with some great friends!

Big Tiki Dude DJing.
Derek & I
Giant tiki.
Monkeyman's indoor tiki bar.
Stella drinking the pool water. Yuck!
Enter the South Pacific Room with caution.
Creepxotica's impromptu show.
I hope you all enjoyed our tiki crawl photos.
Until next time, lovelies!
Miss Hell