Monday, August 27, 2012

No introductions needed. Puhhhleasssse!!

First of all....ARG!!!  I can't decide what I want to do.  First I start this blog and then I start another blog and now I'm back to this blog.  Call me crazy, but I feel like I'm going crazy.  Do you even remember me?  Hopefully.  Anywho, in case you don't remember me, let me begin.  Again.  My name is Michelle.  Or Miss Hell as those on Tiki Central know me as.  Yes, I've been called that name in public by complete strangers that somehow know who I am, because of my witty comebacks on the ol' Tiki Central forum.  Are you into tiki?  No?  Well, that's okay.  I wasn't really too much myself until I met my boyfriend, Derek.  Do you remember Derek?  Yeah, that one guy that I started dating a few years ago.  Well, he's still very much in the picture.  Actually, he even moved all the way to San Diego from podunk Yucaipa to be with me.  I'm just that special.  At least to him I am and sometimes that's all that matters.  And I still have the most awesomest (is that even a word?) dog ever.  Do you remember Hugo?  Small.  Black and white.  Stands about a foot and a half off the ground.  Has a smooshed in face.  And says woof.  Well, you should remember him.  I've talked about him enough.  He's still the best.  And still owns my heart.  Hang on, I need to wipe away the tear on that last one.

Derek and I in Seal Beach.
Moving on.  I decided to restart this blog, because I'm frustrated.  And indecisive about writing.  I love to write and I can write all day long if my employer would allow let me to.  But they don't, if I'd still like to get a biweekly paycheck.  However, I can think of some things that I'd like to write about.  One is getting back in touch with my vintage side.  I've been out of the loop with it for a while now and I've come to the conclusion that I miss it terribly.  Long story short, in my 20's I was all about the vintage scene.  Hell, I could even have been a historian with my plethora of knowledge I had stored in my peabrain about the vintage lifestyle.  But a few years ago, after a bad break up with a boyfriend, a best friend, and a rollerderby league, I lost touch of who I was.  And basically of all reality about me.  Sad, I know.  Do you need a tissue, now?

Over the last year, I've managed to gain all that back.  I've also discovered some "new" things that really aren't new at all that I love even more.  Such as vintage clipon earrings.  Why clipons, you ask?  Just because.  haha  Actually, because my ears naturally stretched from a 16g, which we are pireced with, all the way down to a 10g over the course of almost 20 years.  And I decided to take it a step further and continue to stretch my poor lobes to a 00g.  Ouch.  About 2 years ago, I took out my plugs permentantly.  They have closed up to about an 8g and stopped.  The end result is no more earrings for me.  So, I picked up a pair of vintage clipons and they are way better than pieced earrings, especially if you like the vintage look.  Which I do.  And you should also.  I went on the find about 10 pairs that I couldn't live without, a few with a matching necklace.  And a few with a matching brotch. 

My favorite girl, Alex. I love this kid more than air, crazy hair, goofy smile, and all.
I have also learned that I don't like CANNOT stand polka dots.  I can handle polka dots on a scarf or something basic like that.  Small doses.  But the reproduction polka dot dresses drive me bat shit crazy.  And speaking of reproduction dresses.  Can't stand them.  You can call me a vintage snob all you want, but they look mass produced.  And every girl has one.  Just in different colors.  But that doesn't mean I don't own a reproduction dress, because if you were to look in my closet, you'd certainly find at least one still hanging in there somewhere.  And it's blue.  With polka dots.  OMG!  I just admitted that out loud.  What is wrong with me?  A lot.

Derek has introduced me to a thrilling game we like to call...actually, there isn't a name for it.  We like to go thrifting.  Garage saling.  Estate saling.  Swap meeting.  In the last several months, we've done quite a bit of that.  We picked up a vintage orange (not my favorite color) couch in mint condition with matching throw pillows that I am head over heels in love with.  All for $20 at the Salvation Army.  Baddabing  Baddaboom.  That, my friends, is how it's done.  We found a West Elm floor-lamp-turned-hanging-lamp off Craigslist for $20.  A coffee table for about $10 at a communitee garage sale.  Derek found a midcentury modern chair for a $1.50 at a thrift store.  And a 1945 cedar chest that we bought off the original owner for $35 at a garage sale.  That is our living room in a nutshell.  Back to the whole concept of thrifting.  You would be REALLY surprised with what you can find if you know what you are looking for.  Such as, a few weekends ago, Derek and I went to Tiki Oasis and opted to do our shopping on Sunday, so we didn't have to worry about hauling all of it around with us on Friday or Saturday.  Sunday was the last day and the day with all the good bargains.  As we were strolling around, bouncing in and out of the vendors' booths, I came across a lucite purse priced at $26 with 20% off.  Say what!?!?  They obviously had NO clue what they were selling.  But their lack of knowledge was my gain.  You have to use that knowledge to your advantage.  After a while, you'll know what should be priced more and what is was over priced.  And at the moment, over priced is what you're finding on Etsy.  I mean, really?  $300 for a 1950's cotton sundress???  Especially when I got one very similar to it at the local vintage clothing store on sale for over a fraction of the price I would have online.  I get inflation.  Really.  I do.  You buy this for that price and need to make a profit on it, so you double it.  And so on.  It's enough to make a girl want to cry.

So this is my "new" blog.  Ha!  Not really.  It's gotten a little facelift.  But it didn't come with instructions.  So, I'm winging it.  Bare with me as the dust settles and I try to live up to your expectations.  And speaking of which, don't expect me to know everything.  I'm learning as I go along, just you and the rest of the vintage loving crowd has.  So, if I get it wrong, don't yell and scream and start a bunch of drama.  That's annoying.  And I think you know that already and trust me, we're all adults here, but you just never know.  So be expecting photos of my loot, outfits, shows, friends, lovers, etc.  And most of all, enjoy!!

Until next time, lovelies!
Miss Hell