Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I think they called that a mini hiatus...with some photos!

First of all, meet my new "son".  His name is Frankie, after Frankie's Tiki Room in Las Vegas.  And it's so fitting.  He's such a little pot roast, but as cute as a button.  We stumbled upon Frankie (who was nameless) on the Riverside County Animal Shelter website and we couldn't resist his brown, smooshed in face.  So, I took a day off from work and drove up to Riverside and sprung him out puppy jail.  He's been challenging, but worth it.  He's such a sweet boy.  And a great, playful brother for Hugo.  I just want to squish his face and load both of them up with kisses.

Frankie, the day we decided to bring him home. Woof!
Arg! I haven't forgotten about this blog, I swear. I've just kind of taken a step back from it. When I restarted this blog for the umpteenth time this past fall, I went into it for completely the wrong reasons. Reason #1 was to...I don't really know?!? Uhg. I reallyhave no idea. I see that my last post from from September and well, not a whole lot has happened. Lies! Actually, a whole lot has happened. The San Diego Vintage Flea Market went off without a hitch. It was fantastic and beyond successful. We managed to host 30+ vendors, which was my set goal at the beginning. That included 2 food vendors, a cupcake vendor, and a food truck, whom all ran out of food before the day was even over. And each vendor expressed just how well they did, which made me very happy to hear. Because the flea market did a lot of damage to me. Physically mostly. I was so overstressed worrying about the success of it, that my doctor told me that if I didn't do anything to relax, I was about to go into cardiac arrest. Yes, I was about a hair away from having a heart attack. Le sigh. Crazy, huh!? So, I started crafting. Like a lot. I think that's all I do as of lately, I craft. And plan for the next flea market in early next spring. But it helps me relax and keeps my mind busy. It has quickly become my life. Not really. But sort of. haha

My Boston Terrier tree skirt I made by hand.
Moving on...I'm going to wander back to my feelings towards my blog. I'm not going to lie and throw out there that I am 100% strictly vintage. I wouldn't be true to who I am if I did. But that doesn't fault me at all, either. It makes me have a lot of fun layers that when they are peeled back, it exposed me as a whole. As a person. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my vintage side. I love your vintage side. I love reading about it and seeing all these amazing, colorful photos of you wearing your newest deadstock find or that glorious midecentury modern couch that you found on Craigslist. A few of my girlfriends and I even started the Vintage Fillies Ladies Club of San Diego. BUT...but if I said that is who I am 24/7, then I really would be lying to you. Because along with my vintage side, I enjoy hiking (which I haven't done in a while and plan on going back to after NYE), candid photography (I bought myself a new camera for Christmas), and all kinds of music. Traditional rockabilly music will always live in the deepest depths of my heart, but a few years ago, I discovered that I also enjoy a little more variety, also. The Givers, Mumford & Sons, etc. etc. etc. You get the picture, I'm sure. I'm trying to live my life to the fullest and not kick any options to the curb, like I would have about 10 years ago.

New 45s. Kitty Wells is my favorite out of the bunch.
I've added to my jewerly collections.  I have found several bakelite pieces at thrift stores and clipon earrings galore.  My dresser is vintage, but I'm in need of a new mirror.  My Ikea $10 special isn't quite working.
Also, over the last few years, I quit rollerderby for good (because my old captain was/probably still is a royal c.u.next.tuesday. - there I said it, Diesel. Now what!?), went back to a different league and ultimately decided that this chapter in my life is offically over and it was time to move onto a different one. And you know what, I'm completely okay with it, because it was my choice and not one that was pushed onto me. However, with derby being over, not getting the exercise I should and being completely comfortable in my relationship, I've managed to put on at least 2 dress sizes. Yikes!
Derek & I at my annual work holiday party.  My friend Missy did my hair and she did a great job.

The boys club: Derek getting his ears lowered by Jesse at Barberside in El Cajon.
On the other hand, Derek has lost about 30+ lbs thanks to riding his bike to and from work everyday. I believe I have managed to gain what he has lost. So, once the holidays are over (with the help of watching what I'm eating during), we both are going to lose the extra weight we're carrying around with us. I will blog about that and post before and after photos, I'm sure. Ones that I'm going be extremely embarrassed about, so please refrain from any rude or snarky comments. It's a struggle and it's challenging to put myself out there for you all to see. Eek! That's scary just thinking about it. Holy moly! But I am giving myself a year to drop back down to what I was in high school without surgery. I'm not going to focus on the pounds, but focus more on the inches in the middle. And believe me when I say that is plenty enough.

My good boys; Hugo & Frankie
Until next time, lovelies!
Miss Hell


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