Thursday, February 7, 2013

Temporary goodbye...

I am going to have to leave this blog for a little while.  I have way too much going on to really put forth the effort into it on top of planning the San Diego Vintage Flea Market, planning out the San Diego home tiki bar crawl this upcoming spring, helping out with the Hell On Heels burlesque troupe, helping with Fast Eddie's fundraiser, doing photoshoots for my other blog of vintage home tours, now booking monthly shows for Woody's Rockabilly & Roots Revival starting early spring, and still trying to have time for my friends, family, Derek, and my dogs.  All while I'm trying to find time for myself and my health, also.  So in result, I need to just put this blog to the side and focus on everything else that is going on.  In the words of my sister; I need a new rack for all the hats I'm currently wearing.

So, I hope to see you soon!
Michelle aka: Miss Hell